Moda Design Group comprises a dynamic design team with a fresh outlook on the built environment. Combining experience and talent with a passion for innovation in contemporary architecture, our team works closely with the client to develop creative solutions in modern design.


Moda Design Group projects and services include the specialisation in developing workplace solutions for commercial office interiors both locally and nationally.

From intimate workspace designs, through to large-scale developments, Moda Design Group applies a philosophy of collaboration to all its projects.

Moda Design Groups approach recognises that each project, whether large or small, is unique and has its own specific requirements. That’s why we employ a flexible, client-driven methodology to your project, and work collaboratively with the project team from concept development through to project completion.

Our Clients

  • Seek (Head Office – Melbourne)
  • Gorman Kelly
  • Great Southern Press
  • Think Education Sydney
  • BPW Transpec
  • Murmur
  • Euroifin
  • Dynamic Web Training
  • GRD – Grocon Realestate
  • Russell Reynolds
  • Health Services Australia
  • ECM
  • Thomson Publishing
  • GEAC
  • Australian National College of Beauty
  • Bluerock
  • Red Cross
  • David Williams Neurosurgeon
  • QV
  • National Pilates Centres
  • CBRE
Think Education Brisbane Campus
Seek Melbourne Head Office

Services & Methodology

Moda Design Group operates under a comprehensive framework which supports clients from the earliest planning stages through to project and construction management, including the provision of post-construction services.

Moda Design Groups framework consists of resources such as property consultants, service engineers, council planning, building surveyors, structural engineers, architects and interior designers.

Moda Design Groups experience in all aspects of the design and construction process means we are able to work with the client to address procedural and contractual matters throughout the course of the project, and ensure the timely completion of the project to exacting standards.

Moda Design Groups assistance with procedural and contractual matters extends to managing and working with entities such as consultants (such as building surveyors, engineers, real estate agents) and contractors for the duration of the entire project.

Our Expertise

  • Facilities and Space Planning
  • Interior Design & Architectural Services
  • Cost Estimation
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction (Registered Commercial Builders)
  • Site Management
  • Project Management
  • Computer Aided Design / Documentation
  • Planning
  • Sourcing a building/tenancy
  • Designing to budgets
  • Facilitate tender process to builders and contractors
  • Relocation guidance

Project Management

  • Due diligence property/tenancy report
  • Accommodation study/audit
  • Detailed design documentation for tender & construction
  • Coordination with cervices consultants
  • Planning submissions
  • Contractors & suppliers appointment/procurement
  • Preliminaries and construction
  • Defects resolution
  • Relocation of accommodation
  • Post Works documentation
  • Handover
RedZed Office Melbourne
RedZed Office Melbourne


Moda Design Group believes that sustainability issues form an important part of contemporary design, and where possible, these issues should be addressed during the planning stage, and incorporated throughout the design and construction process.

All projects completed by Moda Design Group adhere with industry standards for sustainable design. We can also assist and advise the client on initiatives which deal with project-specific requirements, in some cases providing long-term cost savings to the client.

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