Moda shortlisted for TWO interior design awards

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Moda Design Group has been shortlisted for not one, but TWO, interior design awards for the Australian Interior Design Awards 2015!  The two shortlisted projects are for Think Education Sydney and Think Education Brisbane.

To be nominated is an achievement in itself and to be nominated twice in one year is overwhelmingly rewarding!

Think Education redefines modern education by challenging preconceptions of what a classroom should be. At the heart of this project is the desire to create a physically welcoming environment, which inspires creativity and encourages real-world collaboration.

Think Education Sydney & Brisbane project summary

Fortitude Valley Brisbane and Ultimo Sydney are home to Think Education’s two design colleges. Featuring a modern, light-filled design with an industrial edge, these project places an emphasis on the roles of social interaction, collaboration and technology in contemporary design education.

Flexibility and fluidity

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Open plan classrooms and studios reflect the flexibility and fluidity of the real world – shifting and shaping to adapt to the changing needs of both students and teachers. These teaching spaces reject the traditional ‘front of class’ model of teaching in favour of a 360-degree environment, which encourages natural collaboration and teamwork. This is supported by the equally customisable spaces outside the primary teaching rooms, allowing the social interaction and creative thinking to naturally flow on from the formal classroom.

Technology plays a significant role in the design, reflecting not only the changing needs of staff and students – such as charging stations for laptops, tablets and phones – but also providing the necessary portability and flexibility required in the classroom setting.

Life beyond the classroom

The design also addresses life beyond the classroom, providing exhibition spaces and customized business spaces where students can showcase their work and ideas to an industry-based audience, and prepare the foundations for their future design careers.

A true collaboration between client and designer, this project challenges the traditional teaching environment, and seeks to define a new style of pedagogy. Think Education describes itself as an agile and experimental education provider, and the Ultimo and Fortitude Valley Campus projects embodies this thinking.  The spaces have been conceived to reflect the organisation’s new approach to traditional learning, and sets the scene for how education should happen in the 21st century.

Drawing from contemporary design practice in fields other than the education sector, such as restaurants and public spaces, the project breaks down the walls  – both physical and metaphoric – to create a real-world fluidity in the education environment. The spaces have been developed to specifically appeal to the student demographic, and creating a flexible environment that meets their academic, physical, technological and social needs.

Reimagining the university campus

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These projects reimagine the role a university campus plays in the education of its students. With the burgeoning growth of online education, campus appeal has never been more important, and this design has been conceived to make the university environment one that appeals to design students and staff. For example, the Café Library provides a place where students can simultaneously relax and learn, eschewing traditional perceptions that a University library should be a silent and stagnant environment.

These projects have set new standards in how modern classrooms facilitate the learning process, and repositioning the learning environment as an extension of real-world activities.